We are a progressive functional medicine and holistic lifestyle company that helps clients in Ottawa attain the EPIC life through our four pillars: functional movement, holistic nutrition, exposure to nature and self-care.

We believe in helping patients to get on the right path towards ultimate health and happiness that lasts a lifetime. If you believe in a holistic lifestyle and preach it yourself, join us in the movement towards the EPIC life!


- Marissa, Personal Trainer

Everyone here is about living!They don't just want
be status quo,
they want to break it!

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Community is everything to us. We learn together, grow together, succeed together. We support one another and lean on one another. We are all about lifting each other up. The process isn't always pretty but when we work together and appreciate one another, we can accomplish any goal.
Client success is also determined by how well we work together.  Sharing information for the benefit of the client and making sure we are all working towards the same thing is what EPIC is all about.

Be part of an innovative, forward-thinking company that is focused on bettering the lives of its staff, clients and community.

○  Complimentary Gym & Classes membership

○  Exclusive staff discounts on training and product

○  Built in referral sources between  practitioners

○  Access to on-going business coaching and mentorship

Our EPIC Perks

At EPIC we are different. We put your life and your health first. It's our biggest asset!

We provide a work environment that is supportive, authentic and inspiring.
We trust you and encourage mutual respect and playfulness among colleagues.


We are looking for professionals, who love what they do and want to be a part of something special. Do you have a positive, collaborative attitude and live each day in alignment? If so, we encourage you to apply!

Be Part of Our Tribe



Are you epic in your practice and want to grow your business while changing lives? If you are interested in joining our community, ‍‍ please send your resume and cover letter to tara